Integrator Partnership Opportunities with ControlByNet

May 26, 2015

What if you could instantly offer an option for cloud, or hosted, video to all your current customers and new prospects?

ControlByNet offers a solution for those wishing to start a video surveillance hosting business. Manage your own servers, bandwidth and software….or we’ll do it for you and you just collect the revenue. Brand the products as your own so you’ll receive the goodwill and benefits. Most importantly you’ll develop a recurring revenue stream by offering a unique and appreciated service to those important customers.

Why our Hosted Solution?

ControlByNet has the most advanced solution for security surveillance solutions.

  • Central User Authentication across multiple servers
  • No Contracts!
  • ‘Quick-View’ technology provides status of all accounts, cameras, disk storage and bandwidth per account or camera
  • Central licensing per server allows camera limits as well as GB limits per account
  • Integrates authentication with onsite servers…..still single hosted login regardless of server location
  • Not tied into a single camera manufacturer; as other manufactures provide viable solutions, we’ll support them
  • Runs on Windows Architecture…….all in one package; no database or web server software required

Video surveillance in 2015 – New Trends

February 5, 2015

Here are excerpts from a recent A&S article by Eifeh Strom regarding new trends in video surveillance for 2015.

The Market at a Glance

In 2014, video surveillance accounted for approximately 53% of the total market share (US$13.5 billion) in terms of global physical security product sales, according to Memoori Business Intelligence. Double-digit growth has been the norm in the video surveillance market over the last decade, and analysts at IHS forecast similar growth in the new year, predicting more than 10% growth in 2015. Furthermore, Marketsandmarkets has predicted that the global video surveillance market will reach roughly $42.1 billion at a CAGR of 17% for the period 2014 to 2020, with the IP system market expected to grow at a CAGR of 23.5% during the same period. Rising crime rates, an increase in terror attacks, and growing security concerns all are contributing to this growth.

Who Reigns Supreme? IP vs. Analog
The move to IP is no longer so much a trend as it is simple fact: New installations are going IP and many analog users are upgrading to network-based solutions. With that said, does that mean that IP has finally taken over analog in video surveillance? The answer is yes and no. In terms of revenue, IP sales have surpassed analog sales; however, in terms of quantity, analog shipments still outnumber those of IP. This is poised to change, with analysts believing that IP shipments will take over analog by the end of the decade. Evidence of this shift can be seen in markets like Latin America where the overall market — one that is heavily focused on analog — is now leaning toward IP equipment for the first time (by supplier revenue), according to a report by IHS.

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Security Info Watch: Despite Challenges, Video Surveillance Market Continues Impressive Growth

January 15, 2015

Great news for ControlByNet and all partners dependent on a strong video surveillance market.

According to a new whitepaper from IHS, the global video surveillance industry is expected to grow by more than 10 percent in 2015, despite product commoditization and other market challenges.

The research firm said that the market was worth an estimated $15 billion by the end of 2014, up from $13.5 billion in 2013. By 2018, IHS said that worldwide revenue for the industry will reach a projected $23.6 billion, which is equivalent to a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12 percent.

“The year 2014 has been one of the most interesting – and disruptive – in recent memory for both the professional and consumer video surveillance industries,” Jon Cropley, principal analyst for video surveillance and security services for IHS, said in statement. “A sharp decline in the cost of semiconductor components has ushered in a new era of price competition and the competitive landscape has shifted, with merger-and-acquisition activity affecting some of the leading global product and software vendors.”

IHS said that the video market can sustain this level of fragmented supply base and overall revenue growth for several reasons, including brand recognition, subtle differences in end user requirements among geographical locations and the continued differentiation of products such as the use of embedded analytics. In fact, differentiation is expected to be a key market driver for nearly every equipment vendor, as well as distributors and integrators in the industry over the next several years.

This trend represents the first of 10 that IHS has predicted for the video surveillance industry in 2015. To read all 10 trends

IP Video Surveillance for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

October 29, 2013

Hospitals and healthcare facilities  have a great need for IP video surveillance however issues regarding patient privacy must be considered. An excerpt from a recent article in Business Solutions by Carole Dougan offers a few items to consider.

Upgrading Video Image Quality For Healthcare Surveillance Applications

Video surveillance is critical to the hospital and healthcare environment. Surveillance challenges include expensive equipment, sensitive documents, pharmaceuticals, food services, retail areas, vast parking lots and structures, and lots of people, all active on a 24/7 basis. Staff, sick patients, visitors, newborns, long-term care patients — some with special needs such as Alzheimer’s — all must be protected. Volatile environments such as emergency rooms can even be prone to gang violence in some areas. A hospital is like a city that never sleeps.

Complicating video surveillance at hospitals are privacy considerations mandated by HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) along with mandates from other authorities having jurisdiction (e.g., JCAHO, otherwise known as “The Joint Commissions”). Video system design and installation require sensitivity to healthcare market regulations. New camera capabilities such as enhanced privacy masking can help. For example, the door to a patient’s room or an outside window can be masked electronically in a camera’s image to ensure patient privacy. To read the full article.

TerraCloud Inc Now Offers i-flashback REMOTE, ControlByNet’s Cloud-based Hosted Video Solution

June 21, 2012

ControlByNet (CBN), a leader in cloud-based hosted video security surveillance solutions, announced today the addition of TerraCloud Inc. as a new integrator for CBN’s i-flashback REMOTE. ControlByNet’s i-flashback REMOTE, one of the most advanced hosted solutions on the market, provides web-based controls for video hosting providers and enterprise customers to host video across multiple servers, users and accounts.

Based in Central Floridaand serving customers across the country, TerraCloud provides IT solutions for small businessesgovernment agencies, and Fortune 500 enterprises. TerraCloud is now offering i-flashback REMOTE to customers in the Central Florida area including metropolitan Orlando and the surrounding counties ofOrange, Seminole,Lake, Brevard, Volusia and Osceola.

“TerraCloud has joined the increasing number of IT integrators taking advantage of the fast growing IP-video surveillance market.  A recent industry report expects 2013 to be the tipping point for analog to IP and found that IT integrators are a leading force in this transition,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet.  “TerraCloud realized the potential savings for its customers by offering our hosted video solution. In addition, by choosing ControlByNet’s software solution versus a specific camera manufacturers solution they are providing their customers with added flexibility and not locking them into a specific brand forever.”

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