ControlByNet Has the Video Surveillance Solution to Combat Holiday Theft – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…for Thieves

December 14, 2016

ControlByNet, a leader in cloud-based hosted video security surveillance, has a solution for businesses combating holiday theft. According to FBI findings, December is the peak month for burglaries and CNN reports that in many places, the week following Christmas has the heaviest burglary caseload.

ControlByNet’s cloud video surveillance software allows business owners to view one or multiple properties over any web browser including iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Mobile devices with a single login. Recorded digital video is immediately and safely stored offsite, safe from theft or vandalism and can be viewed 24/7.

“Businesses need a digital video surveillance system that they can depend on during the busy holiday season when incidents increase. The video needs to be clear to help identify thieves or vandals and it needs to be easily accessible,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet. “Our video surveillance software provides clear digital video that can be used to identify criminals and subsequently prosecute them in court.”

Holiday Theft Prevention Tips
1. Position cameras to cover the most vulnerable and high traffic areas

2. Make sure that holiday decorations aren’t blocking the camera or causing a blind spot

3. Encourage residents to request signature upon delivery when arranging shipments

4. Leave the lights on – even if it’s just from the twinkle of a Christmas tree, lights are a deterrent

5. Ask residents about out-of-town plans – be vigilant in case of suspicious activity

6. Notify local police department for increased patrols

7. Switch dated analog surveillance to ControlByNet’s digital cloud surveillance solution


Summer Sun Increases Heat and Crime Wave

May 25, 2016

School’s out, pools are open and temperatures are rising. But temperatures aren’t the only thing increasing, according to the Department of Justice, crime is 10.5% more common in the summer than the winter. The Urban Institute also adds that the most targeted places “are those located in public spaces, or [areas] that are open to public view. Properties where no one has direct responsibility for the area, or those that seem less well guarded.” With people looking to enjoy the sun or beat summer boredom, clubhouses, pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and parking lots are all in need of better surveillance.

Here are the Top 5 Amenity Area Problems

  1. Common Area Vandalism
  2. After Hours Swimming
  3. Neighbors Filling Up Trash Bins
  4. Chairs Thrown Into Pool
  5. Nightly Visitors in the Parking Lot

Those are just the more common problems. ControlByNet’s cameras have captured some interesing vandals, thieves and loiters in the act.

ControlByNet Cloud Surveillance Footage of Community Pool

Actual ControlByNet footage

Here are the Top 5 Amenity Problems Caught on CBN Cameras

  1. Spray Painted Bathrooms
    (Luckily video was IN THE CLOUD because the vandals looked for video to destroy but couldn’t find it!)
  2. Concrete Bags in Pool
  3. Destroyed Vending Machines
  4. Midnight Pool Party
  5. Drivers Running Gates

ControlByNet Provides Integrators with a Flexible Hosted Solution and Recurring Revenue

December 14, 2011

Solution for Home Owners Associations Takes Security to The Cloud

Atlanta – December 13, 2011 – ControlByNet, (CBN), a leader in cloud-based, hosted video security surveillance solutions, is experiencing continued growth with home owners associations. ControlByNet and its integrators have experienced 100 percent retention with its home owners association clients.  ControlByNet’s i-flashback REMOTE, one of the most advanced hosted solutions on the market, provides web-based controls for video hosting providers and enterprise customers to host video across multiple servers, users and accounts.

“Home Owners Associations want a solution that helps them protect the property, as well as minimize the day-to-day security worries.  With no video storage onsite, e-mail alerts when problems arrive and nothing for vandals to steal, our solution provides residents a greater sense of security and deters malicious vandalism,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet.  “For our integrators, the HOA market provides a great opportunity to add new clients who are looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution.

ControlByNet has the most flexible hosted solution on the market with the ability to host for the customer, let the integrator do the hosting, linking to an onsite server or any combination. This flexibility allows integrators like TRC quickly offer a hosting business using the i-flashback REMOTE solution.

As seen in the December issue of Security Dealer and Integrator Magazine article, “HOAs: At Home and in the Clouds,” integrators like Villa Sentry are helping HOA communities make the move to the cloud, saving them time and money.

“We work with a variety of HOAs and understand that volunteer board members have other priorities, so we make it ours to watch out for them,” said Paul Ismail with Villa Sentry.  “With all of the video files secure at our data center there is nothing for a vandal to steal or destroy.  We also notify HOAs if there is a camera, Internet or power outages so they can leave all the worrying to us.”

Integrators like Ville Sentry also enjoy the following benefits from using ControlByNet:

  • Recurring Revenue – Integrators can recognize a recurring revenue stream instead of the old model ‘sell-and-forget’ solution.
  • Added Customer Opportunities – A hosted solution keeps integrators closer to the customer which puts them first in line for openings for additional services.
  • Instant Access – Customers  can access video anywhere with an Internet connection and on almost any device including iPad, Xoom, iPhone and DROID. Not only is it beneficial to the customer but allows integrators to demo the product from anywhere on any device.
  • Future technology compatibility – CBN’s flexible solution has the ability to expand camera manufacturers, which doesn’t prohibit integrators  from offering solutions to those with cameras already installed.

Interested integrators may view the CBN demo located on its partner page,

About ControlByNet (
ControlByNet provides the most advanced adaptable hosted and managed IP-based surveillance solution on the market.  ControlByNet’s advanced software is the cornerstone for the new security surveillance business model. By leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS), CBN’s solution integrates seamlessly across its products creating limitless installation scenarios.  The hierarchal nature of the software allows a single log-in with multiple levels of access from any (Internet) location which leverages existing enterprise resources.  With years of development, their software solution is flexible, future-proof and designed to lead the industry.  Product offerings include i-flashback LOCAL and REMOTE and ip-LookOUT, its guard monitoring application.  While the i-flashback interface is as simple to use as a nanny cam, both versions of the software are sophisticated enough to manage hundreds of remote cameras from a single browser; including Internet Explorer, Firefox or even an iPhone or iPad. They primarily use AXIS for remotely hosted cameras but will expand to others as manufacturers provide IP cameras that are deemed highly efficient on the network. For more information, visit