Don’t Count out Analog Video yet???

April 13, 2012

According to a recent industry article, integrators shouldn’t count out analog video yet. The article states “IP is without a doubt the new king of the jungle, but the old lion is still here, roaring just a bit less loudly.”

This is bad advice for integrators for many reasons. IPVM states that it is the “Worst Advice Ever” ( and we agree.

The article points to the following as some of the reasons dealers’ haven’t made the transition:

“And just as there are dealers who haven’t made the transition, there are end users who still prefer analog 1) because of the lack of PTZ latency, or 2) because small analog systems still are less expensive than their IP counterparts, or 3) because they already have the coaxial cable in place. “

We argue that by making the move to the cloud, integrators can seize new business opportunities including providing flexible hosting solutions, maximizing recurring revenue and entering the monitoring and guard-station market.

Solutions like ControlByNet’s I-flashback provide integrators with an easy to use, 100-percent browser-based application. Dealers can provide their customers with the full benefits of having their security ‘on the cloud’ including remote hosting, multiple location access (onsite, hosted or any combination) from a single web login and access on mobile devices.

We believe that now is the time for both large and small integrators to find the right IP solution for their customers. Yes, this requires continued education to integrators on the benefits of making the move to the cloud and providing them with the resources needed to succeed. We work with integrators small and large every day to make the move seamless. No longer do dealers or customers have to worry that a DVR is broken or missing and at the same time they can enjoy additional business opportunities including recurring revenue and new revenue streams like guard and monitoring stations.


ControlByNet’s 3rd Annual ‘Kids Christmas Wishes Fulfilled’ Event

December 12, 2011

There are many children that will not see Santa and have never heard of the miracle of Christmas. Hard to believe children still wake up Christmas morning and have no tree, no presents, no stocking and no hot meal on the way. Check your heart and please help us do our small part.

We understand you would always choose to help others, but time is short and between the shopping and decorations the real spirit of Christmas is not necessarily forgotten but just ‘passed over’. If you’ll allow us, we’ll take that time for you.

ControlByNet is teaming up with Duluth First Baptist Church to ensure some very needy local families receive joy this Christmas. We’ll make sure these families see smiles on Christmas morning. As you open your gifts, you can be assured you have equally helped another.

All we are asking for is $10, that’s all the donation button accepts and it’ll take you all of 3 minutes. Many of you will spend that in lunch tomorrow. It’s easy to blow it off, say I’m too busy or I just don’t really care about those in needy circumstances…but is that really the truth?

 Any additional donations can be sent via Paypal directly to

We’ll display images as well as total donations and distributions on this page after Christmas so you can see exactly where every single penny was spent. You’ll see both the smiles and tears and be rewarded as you made it happen.

100% of all donations go to families in need of a Christmas Miracle.

God Bless and Have a Merry Christmas!

Ryan & Jill Strange

ODS Security Selects ControlByNet’s ip-LookOUT: ip-LookOUT Saves Time, Money and Personnel Resources

October 27, 2011

ControlByNet, (CBN), a leader in cloud-based, hosted video security surveillance solutions, announced today that ODS Security has selected ControlByNet’s ip-LookOUT remote Guard Station to maximize its monitoring room guards and save money, time and personnel resources.  ip-LookOUT utilizes ControlByNet’s i-flashback surveillance solution and connects to hosted or managed installations.  i-flashback is an easy to use, cloud-based video surveillance application installed as either a managed solution, remotely hosted solution or any number of hybrid combinations.

“ControlByNet’s ip-LookOUT solution allows us to maximize usage of our resources to serve smaller clients while still providing critical services to the larger multi-site organizations.  A single guard can easily handle a hundred small clients saving us significant time, money and general overhead,” said Joe Bulat, owner of ODS Security.

ip-LookOUT is designed to be extremely efficient both on the network and in actual guard usage.  Guards in a central monitoring station use ip-LookOUT guard station software to provide remote security for all sites, thereby reducing costs at the remote locations by eliminating or minimizing onsite security. Guards are visibly and audibly alerted upon motion events from any remote site. The live image and recorded video are instantly presented for the guard to take the necessary action.

Settings allow for frame usage based on activity on the cameras which reduces bandwidth costs to ODS Security and the end customer.  The interface allows easy movement between alert activity and live views of other sites.  The guard can quickly view surrounding archives and note the event while flagging for follow-up or dismissal.  The quick option to disable alerts for cameras under special circumstances greatly reduces false events.

In addition, ODS Security benefits from ControlByNet being on the cloud with the ability to have ip-LookOUT available at any location. They can have an “instant” guard center anywhere with Internet access, which provides great flexibility for staffing emergencies.

The key differentiator in ip-LookOUT is the cloud-based model.  “With ip-LookOUT the guard station is no longer bound to one room and one PC.  Within a few seconds all of an organization’s facilities are fully and actively monitored from a new location,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet.  “It redefines the term redundancy when the customer has the ability to bring the whole system back up from anywhere in the world at the click of a button. Security centers spend thousands and hundreds of thousands on redundant power, Internet, fire suppression and the like when our solution provides the ability to fully monitoring from any different facility within the blink of an eye.”

“ControlByNet provides us with the opportunity to provide our clients – both large and small – with access to an innovative cloud-based security surveillance solution.  While we have dedicated space for this project, we still have the option of using remote guards since ip-LookOUT can be used anywhere utilizing only a network connection,” added Bulat.

“When you combine the ability to monitor multiple locations with one guard with the flexibility of having access to your guard station anywhere with an Internet connection, clients like ODS Security now have access to their guard station anytime and anywhere saving them time, money and personnel resources,” added Strange.

About ControlByNet (

ControlByNet provides the most advanced adaptable hosted and managed IP-based surveillance solution on the market.  ControlByNet’s advanced software is the cornerstone for the new security surveillance business model. By leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS), CBN’s solution integrates seamlessly across its products creating limitless installation scenarios.  The hierarchal nature of the software allows a single log-in with multiple levels of access from any (Internet) location which leverages existing enterprise resources.  With years of development, their software solution is flexible, future-proof and designed to lead the industry.  Product offerings include i-flashback LOCAL and REMOTE and ip-LookOUT, its guard monitoring application.  While the i-flashback interface is as simple to use as a nanny cam, both versions of the software are sophisticated enough to manage hundreds of remote cameras from a single browser; including Internet Explorer, Firefox or even an iPhone or iPad. They currently use AXIS for remotely hosted cameras but will expand to others as manufacturers provide IP cameras that are deemed highly efficient on the network. For more information, visit


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