Video Surveillance Market 2022 Growth Forecast at 16.56% CAGR Dominated by IP Video Surveillance System

March 25, 2016

A recent press release from RnR Market Research projects the commercial sector of global video surveillance market is expected to grow at the highest CAGR between 2016 and 2022, while geographically, APAC is forecast to hold the highest market share and grow at a high CAGR during forecast period. Here are a few key points from the release:

The major reason for the growth in video surveillance is due to the increasing rate of security threats, criminal activities, thefts, and others. The advancements in video surveillance applications such as cloud services, network cameras, big data analytics, and other technologies have increased the scope of the video surveillance market for wider application in different sectors.

An IP video surveillance system dominates the market since the price of high-image quality-based IP cameras prices reduce and use of IP cameras dominate analog cameras. Also, the implementation of video surveillance software with IP systems is easy and the portability of storage space for data storage increases its use in all sectors. These factors are likely to grow the video surveillance market for IP systems at a high CAGR.

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Analog or ControlByNet Digital – Which Would You Choose?

December 1, 2015

A recently recorded robbery shows three men entering a Title Loans and holding up employees. While surveillance got several angles of all three men, the quality of the footage forced police to issue this disclaimer, “Pictures of the suspects appear to show them in purple clothes…they were actually wearing black”. If you are the robbers, grainy, blurry and discolored analog images are your ally as it makes it more difficult for police to accurately identify the culprits. To see additional images of the robbery, click here>>

TruckStill 3The image of the truck shows the dramatic quality difference when using ControlByNetDigital surveillance. Not only can you clearly see the make and model of the car, you can also see the two-tone paint job and the differences in window tint.

Which would you prefer and is it time to update your video surveillance from analog to digital before you are faced with a similar dilemma?

ControlByNet Partners with M3T to Offer Cloud Video

December 17, 2014

CBN i-flashback-cloudControlByNet, a software development leader in cloud-based video surveillance solutions, announced today a partnership with M3T Corporation to offer Cloud, or hosted, video to its customers.  M3T Corporation is a well-known security integrator that services Pennsylvania and surrounding states.  ControlByNet provides software that allows integrators to instantly offer hosted video to customers, creating an additional option to increase monthly recurring revenue by providing a valuable solution to customers.


“We have tested the software for some time and have found it to be very reliable and a great addition to our VAHMS® (Video Access Hosted Managed Services) portfolio of cloud based security solutions,” said John Maffey, President of M3T Corporation.  “Our clients find the user interface uncluttered and easy to navigate.”


ControlByNet’s i-flashback software lets integrators take on hosting of cloud-video.  The software provides a full management interface for total control allowing hundreds of cameras and customers across servers.  For integrators wanting to stay out of the IT side of things ControlByNet can host the video for the integrator.


“M3T is the ideal candidate for this kind of solution.  They have the knowledge and respect in their area to immediately offer Cloud video as an option to customers” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet.  “While seen as a hot topic in the press, cloud video is still new or undiscovered by most small businesses and presents a new direction for integrators.”

Prevent Community Vandalism with ControlByNet

June 25, 2014

vandalized poolJust in time for pool season, ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD video surveillance system allows HOA board members and property managers the ability to monitor the community and prevent vandalism with a cloud-based, hosted video surveillance solution.

The ControlByNet (CBN) solution  includes no video storage onsite, email alerts when problems arise and nothing for vandals to steal, deterring malicious vandalism while providing residents with a greater sense of security. With CBN video surveillance, the homeowners protect their common property, as well as minimize incidents including late-night swimming and horseplay, throwing chairs and concrete bags in the pool, loitering into all hours of the night, spray painted doors and tennis screens and even breaking into the clubhouse. All video is stored off property, which keeps it from being stolen or damaged by the vandals and is accessible on any mobile device.



ControlByNet Takes your Security Surveillance from DVR to the Cloud

May 28, 2014

With i-flashback CLOUD and our help, you can quickly and easily have a professional hosted video surveillance solution. Since the video is always stored in the cloud there’s never any chance of the video being stolen or damaged. Supports 99% of mobile devices.

CBN analog vs cloud