Integrator Partnership Opportunities with ControlByNet

May 26, 2015

What if you could instantly offer an option for cloud, or hosted, video to all your current customers and new prospects?

ControlByNet offers a solution for those wishing to start a video surveillance hosting business. Manage your own servers, bandwidth and software….or we’ll do it for you and you just collect the revenue. Brand the products as your own so you’ll receive the goodwill and benefits. Most importantly you’ll develop a recurring revenue stream by offering a unique and appreciated service to those important customers.

Why our Hosted Solution?

ControlByNet has the most advanced solution for security surveillance solutions.

  • Central User Authentication across multiple servers
  • No Contracts!
  • ‘Quick-View’ technology provides status of all accounts, cameras, disk storage and bandwidth per account or camera
  • Central licensing per server allows camera limits as well as GB limits per account
  • Integrates authentication with onsite servers…..still single hosted login regardless of server location
  • Not tied into a single camera manufacturer; as other manufactures provide viable solutions, we’ll support them
  • Runs on Windows Architecture…….all in one package; no database or web server software required

ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD Takes Apartments Totally Out of the 80s – ControlByNet Showcases Cloud Video Solution at Atlanta Apartment Association’s 2015 Annual Trade Show

May 13, 2015

While many apartment complexes are stuck in the 80’s with outdated and often unreliable DVR based video surveillance, ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD video surveillance security solution, allows apartment managers and owners the ability to monitor one or multiple apartment communities on the most flexible CLOUD based video surveillance system on the market. Showcased today in booth #756 at the sold out Atlanta Apartment Association’s (AAA) annual trade show, i-flashback CLOUD provides many apartment owners and managers across the nation clear digital video that is accessible at any time from any mobile device. Additionally with no more DVR’s or on-site video storage, vandals can no longer steal the evidence.

“Many apartment complexes are stuck with an outdated — totally 80s – video surveillance system. We want to help educate users on how solutions like our cloud-based offerings provide a reliable and cost-effective solution,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet. “Our CLOUD video surveillance solution can power their safety and security with improved functionality and ease-of-use. With no video storage onsite, email alerts when problems arrive and nothing for vandals to steal, our solution provides a greater sense of security and deters malicious vandalism.”

With i-flashback CLOUD, recorded video is safely stored immediately off site. There is no ‘store and forward when convenient’; with i-flashback CLOUD, it is immediately safe and secure. Customers can access video anywhere with an Internet connection and on almost any device including iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile.

The ControlByNet solution provides benefits for a variety of property sizes including:

● Larger Properties – ControlByNet provides managed servers, which eliminates the need for onsite staff to maintain, since CBN provides notification of camera problems and helps track videos of events (vandalism, theft, etc.)

● Smaller Properties – With ControlByNet, smaller properties can have video fully hosted off the property… safely secured in the ControlByNet facility.

● Executive and District Managers – ControlByNet provides a single and simple login so they have one website login for access to all of their properties.

ControlByNet’s primary offering is hosted, or cloud-based, video surveillance for businesses including many large enterprises that utilize the multi-site, single-login i-flashback CLOUD PLUS video surveillance solution. While many of the users are in the Southeast, the flexibility and ease-of-use have allowed for the service to expand throughout the U.S. including apartment complexes, HOA groups, recyclers and The AAA annual trade show is the Southeast’s largest show dedicated to the apartment industry and is also one of the largest in the country. The AAA trade show is on May 13 from 1 – 6:30pm at the Cobb County Galleria Centre, Hall C and ControlByNet will be exhibiting in booth #756.

ControlByNet Powers Safety and Security with Enhanced Functionality of i-flashback Cloud Video Surveillance Solution

March 5, 2015

Announced today, ControlByNet, a software development leader in cloud-based video surveillance solutions, releases version 6.4 of i-flashback which continues to enhance its CLOUD video surveillance solution to power safety and security with improved functionality and ease-of-use. Designed to meet the changing demands of the market, the solution now allows for easier access to recorded video on Axis camera SD cards, improved playback functionality and enriched mobile viewing. ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD provides businesses with immediate storage on the cloud to help fight crime, as well as improve sales and operations.

“As a leader in the development of cloud-based video surveillance solutions, ControlByNet continues to focus on providing our customers with the best in true cloud-based video surveillance,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet. “Our goal is to allow our customers to be as proactive as possible to respond appropriately to any situation with real-time and accurate information.  Our ongoing product updates ensure that our software never becomes obsolete and are provided to our clients at no charge.”

i-flashback CLOUD – Safe, Secure and On the Cloud

  • Easier Access to Video and Additional Backup Storage
    • Clients now have the ability to view the SD memory card video on Axis cameras directly through the i-flashback web interface from any browser or mobile device. Clients no longer need to go directly to the camera to pull a list that is cumbersome to gather data. This update creates a convenient way to view footage as it lists the events on a timeline and provides a backup video storage option, as well as access for high availability requirements.
  • Enhanced Video Playback
    • The solution now provides improved playback functionality with the ability to play videos back in multiple speeds, from ¼ speed to 4x, including a fast continuous option to fast forward through all videos without any client interaction. This feature allows a client to quickly sort videos to find the desired event.
  • Natural HTML Mobile Viewing
    • By utilizing the native browser functions built into mobile devices, the application works directly without the need for secondary installed apps.  This allows simple access from any mobile device simple via the web browser of choice.

ControlByNet’s primary offering is hosted, or cloud-based, video surveillance for businesses including many large enterprises that utilize the multi-site, single-login i-flashback CLOUD PLUS video surveillance solution. While many of the users are in the Southeast, the flexibility and ease-of-use have allowed for the service to expand throughout the U.S. including recyclers, retailers, apartment complexes and HOA groups.

Great Clips Franchisee Selects ControlByNet’s Cloud Surveillance to Provide Hosted Video Solution for Multiple Locations

February 5, 2014

ControlByNet announced today a multi-site Great Clips franchisee out of Austin, Texas selected ControlByNet’s i-flashback REMOTE to record video in the cloud for its locations.

With multiple locations in Texas, owner John Moore required a solution that allowed plug-and-play cameras, low bandwidth usage and most importantly single sign-on owner access for all locations yet limited manager access for single sites.  “Ease of use and accessibility are key for us since we use it for store management as much as security”, says Moore.  “The ability to have all our video safely stored online with the complete mobile access features from ControlByNet was a big plus.  Since ControlByNet is the owner and original developer of the software it gave us even more confidence in the solution.”

ControlByNet has the most flexible hosted solution on the market, allowing resellers to instantly enter the hosted video space without any upfront costs.  End-user customers can work directly with ControlByNet on a solution that is designed specifically for their needs. The i-flashback solution is a fully managed hosted video platform that has the ability to ‘attach’ to managed servers at the customer’s property if needed.  It’s the total solution for joining branch sites with hosted video to a company headquarters with an onsite system.

“While our intention is to utilize resellers to bring hosted/cloud video to the market, we will work directly with end-users until video integrators look to hosted video as a viable alternative to DVR’s”, says Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet.  “Our main customer base for hosted and managed video has been the southeast, but as word is spreading, we’re being contacted from areas around the country, we expect 2014 to be a big year for us and hosted video.”

ControlByNet Launches New Version of i-flashback CLOUD

February 12, 2013

i-flashback CLOUD’s True Cloud Based Video Surveillance Solution Helps Businesses Fight Crime and Improve Sales and Operations

ControlByNet (, a leader in cloud-based, hosted video security surveillance solutions for dealers, installers, businesses and security companies, announced today its newest version of i-flashback CLOUD.  ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD solution provides businesses with immediate offsite recording of video on the cloud to help fight crime, as well as improve sales and operations.

“According to recent industry stats, 2013 will be the year when IP video surveillance will finally outpace analog install revenue.  However, businesses need to understand the difference between cloud/hosted video and cloud backup,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet.  “The difference is that cloud/hosted video surveillance is always uploaded and available on the cloud where the other stages video locally until convenient to upload to a storage device. Not understanding the difference can cost a business money and headaches if its cameras are broken or stolen before the upload or if the DVR\NVR is taken along with any proof.  With i-flashback CLOUD the video is always safe and secure on the cloud.”

True Cloud Based Video Surveillance = Safe and Secure on the Cloud Not “Store and Forward”  Read the rest of this entry »