Video Surveillance Market Worth 71.28 Billion USD by 2022

September 30, 2016

Video surveillance continues to grow in the United States and worldwide according to a recent article on MarketWatch. Software component and service segment is expected to lead the video surveillance market.

The market for the service segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR between 2016 and 2022. Cloud services and video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) play an important role in the video surveillance system. Software components include video analytics and video management software. Also, the use of neural networks and algorithms in the biometric surveillance system is a part of software component. The advancement in software technologies and networking services would lead the video surveillance market.

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High Quality Cameras Are a Necessity in Good Video Surveillance

December 30, 2015

Why aren’t more businesses using cameras with high quality range to get faces when it’s sunny outside and shady inside? According to the AJC, this man swiped nearly $20K in Louis Vuitton bags from a Buckhead store.

The unidentified man entered the Bella Bag store in Buckhead around 11 a.m. Monday, Atlanta police said.

He was well-dressed, complete with a long tan coat and a fedora, when he walked into the Bella Bag store in Buckhead around 11 a.m. Monday, according to police.

But the man had no intention of actually buying anything. Instead, he grabbed six Louis Vuitton purses from the shelves and ran, even swinging one of the bags at a store clerk as he left.

Video surveillance cameras captured the man, who later got into a black sedan with tinted windows being driven by someone else. Now, Atlanta police would like to find the man who grabbed the purses, valued between $2,700 and $3,100 each, bringing the total to more than $19,000, including tax. Read more


Security Magazine: Proactive Planning for International Response and Recovery includes Video Surveillance

September 1, 2015

This Operation Risk Management model from Security Magazine emphasizes the need to be proactive vs reactive. Video surveillance is a key step in being proactive in avoiding unwanted events.

CBN infographic

Security Tips for Spring and Summer Community Surveillance

April 28, 2015

Spring is finally here, time to evaluate your common area surveillance needs.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

1)  Perform Your Own Security Audit First

Before meeting with a provider get together and recognize the issues that may be coming up, or those that have happened in the past that need addressing.  By knowing this up front it is very difficult for a provider to ‘upsell’ you on additional services.  Don’t be tricked into more than you need by a slick sales person.

2)  First Fix the Items You Can Fix

Lights, lights, lights….  If you have things that are not working, fix those initially if repair is within a reasonable cost.  If you have a security provider, put up signs and stickers. Simple steps will deter the casual mischievous individual.

3)  Be a Helper and a Tattletale

If you see something, tell someone.  Keep it noted for future use.  Ask a youth if you can help them, if they’re locked out of a pool (and if they live there).  Talk, listen and learn.

4)  Take Advantage of Technology

Do your research, talk to people, there are technologies out there that can ease the pain and help you both deter and catch your targets.  Onsite guards serve a purpose in certain guided situations but the cost for those guards is substantial.

If your community is looking to add or ‘refresh’ its video surveillance to the CLOUD, we’d be honored to take a look at your community.  We are the only provider for communities-in-the-cloud, where video is fully stored offsite….nothing onsite but the cameras and/or readers!

See why we are the #1 solution for single-site HOA’s, Apartments and multi-site Management Companies.

Prevent Community Vandalism with ControlByNet

June 25, 2014

vandalized poolJust in time for pool season, ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD video surveillance system allows HOA board members and property managers the ability to monitor the community and prevent vandalism with a cloud-based, hosted video surveillance solution.

The ControlByNet (CBN) solution  includes no video storage onsite, email alerts when problems arise and nothing for vandals to steal, deterring malicious vandalism while providing residents with a greater sense of security. With CBN video surveillance, the homeowners protect their common property, as well as minimize incidents including late-night swimming and horseplay, throwing chairs and concrete bags in the pool, loitering into all hours of the night, spray painted doors and tennis screens and even breaking into the clubhouse. All video is stored off property, which keeps it from being stolen or damaged by the vandals and is accessible on any mobile device.