Cloud-based Video Security Provides Dealers and Integrators with New Business Opportunities

April 23, 2012

Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet recently provided Security Magazine his insights on why now is the time for dealers and integrators to make the move to cloud-based video security solutions.

New Business Opportunities

Dealers and integrators can include flexible hosted solutions, recurring revenue and instant monitoring centers

  • By Ryan Strange
  • Mar 01, 2012

Security is more than just the protection of people, companies and their assets; it also is an integral part of a company’s reputation and success. In today’s tight economy, companies are looking for systems that save resources and decrease overall security and maintenance costs.

By making the move to the cloud, dealers and integrators can seize new business opportunities, including providing flexible hosting solutions, maximizing recurring revenue and entering the monitoring and guardstation market. The key feature in a true IP-based system is flexibility; anything else is a new model of the same old technology.”

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ControlByNet’s 3rd Annual ‘Kids Christmas Wishes Fulfilled’ Event

December 12, 2011

There are many children that will not see Santa and have never heard of the miracle of Christmas. Hard to believe children still wake up Christmas morning and have no tree, no presents, no stocking and no hot meal on the way. Check your heart and please help us do our small part.

We understand you would always choose to help others, but time is short and between the shopping and decorations the real spirit of Christmas is not necessarily forgotten but just ‘passed over’. If you’ll allow us, we’ll take that time for you.

ControlByNet is teaming up with Duluth First Baptist Church to ensure some very needy local families receive joy this Christmas. We’ll make sure these families see smiles on Christmas morning. As you open your gifts, you can be assured you have equally helped another.

All we are asking for is $10, that’s all the donation button accepts and it’ll take you all of 3 minutes. Many of you will spend that in lunch tomorrow. It’s easy to blow it off, say I’m too busy or I just don’t really care about those in needy circumstances…but is that really the truth?

 Any additional donations can be sent via Paypal directly to

We’ll display images as well as total donations and distributions on this page after Christmas so you can see exactly where every single penny was spent. You’ll see both the smiles and tears and be rewarded as you made it happen.

100% of all donations go to families in need of a Christmas Miracle.

God Bless and Have a Merry Christmas!

Ryan & Jill Strange

Thoughts from ASIS

September 22, 2011

As we spent the day on the ASIS show floor, we were particularly interested in the new IP cameras. We made some good introductions and will be testing Sony and JVC cameras as well as the new lines of Panasonic and Vivotek which will increase options for our integrators to support not only new cameras but also customers with existing cameras. As a cloud-based video surveillance solution, our i-flashback requires efficient network cameras. We carefully consider and tests products before supporting additional brands so it  was good to be able to make some introductions and see the new products first-hand.

Highlights from the show include:
* Many exhibitors as expected with good foot traffic
* Big-booth representation by large camera manufacturers (Sony, Axis, Panasonic, etc) as well as National/International Integrators (Stanley, Niscayah, ADT, etc)
* Many camera manufacturers and integrators displaying partnered applications to increase their visible portfolio
* Did notice new line from Panasonic which looks good
* Sony had strong presence and had a good-looking line of cameras

Leveraging the Cloud For Video Surveillance Solutions

August 4, 2011

In today’s Internet-enabled world, businesses need to utilize the public network infrastructure for their video surveillance needs.  Many organizations assume cloud-based technology consists of data stored on someone else’s servers sitting in a data center.  However the cloud is not a box sitting in a rack, it is a network communications backbone that enables technology to work in new ways.

In the past, video surveillance focused on digital video recorders sitting onsite in a closet or underneath a monitor.  While digital cameras are certainly in the mix now, analog cameras are still popular with an older generation of cctv installers.  The learning gap tends to scare many installers from making the jump to more advanced solutions.

However, there are many new experts in the video surveillance field that utilize technology to provide much more complete and effective solutions.  A recent study by Lusax, a research group at Lund University in Sweden, found that the installation of a mid-sized IP video surveillance system costs less than installing a corresponding analog system.  These solutions don’t stop at a box in the closet but expand to multiple options for the business.

The importance of thoughtful planning of a video surveillance system cannot be overlooked.  Decisions today will still be impacting the solution for years to come.  Consider not only the initial needs of the solution but also where the system will be in 5 years.

ControlByNet’s white paper:  Leveraging the Cloud for Video Surveillance Solutions: From the Small Business to the Enterprise Organization outlines multiple IP security scenarios and how they may benefit an organization.  The full white paper can be downloaded at

ControlByNet Expands i-flashback Hosted Video Surveillance Solution to Support Panasonic IP Cameras

July 21, 2011

ControlByNet, (CBN), a leader in cloud-based, hosted video security surveillance solutions, announced today support for certain Panasonic IP cameras for ControlByNet’s i-flashback REMOTE, a hosted solution that provides web-based controls for video hosting providers to manage multiple servers, users and accounts. ControlByNet’s addition of Panasonic IP camera support is in direct response to customer demand and recently allowed a large property management customer to avoid purchasing new cameras at one of its communities, providing immediate savings.

“While we like to assist with the architectural design of the surveillance installation to guarantee the highest quality, we also understand cost needs to be considered in the implementation which can sometimes mean keeping existing equipment,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet.  “We consider ourselves a valued partner with Axis Communications, but must respond to market needs and know that in order to continue to grow we can’t be limited to one camera manufacturer.”

ControlByNet’s multi-site central authentication server (CAS) allows customers to have a securely hosted CAS, which not only authenticates users across all the hosted properties but connects directly with onsite managed servers for larger installations.  It creates a true ‘single sign-on’ regardless of where the video is physically located.  The user logs into a branded website and a customized link is presented with a list of authorized sites.

“Our CAS provides customers with an unmatched solution in the market.  For multi-site customers ControlByNet’s CAS is a huge benefit for simplicity of access, support and management,” added Strange.  “There’s not another solution out there that can operate over the Internet in this regard.”

As a cloud-based video surveillance solution, i-flashback requires efficient network cameras.  ControlByNet carefully considers and tests products before supporting additional brands.  ControlByNet is currently considering Sony and Bosch, among others, for testing for compatibility with its customers.

“It is very rewarding to have our software platform validated by actual customer field implementations and increasing recurring revenue” said Strange.