Shoplifting and Fraud Adds $98 to Each Family’s Shopping Bill

December 6, 2012

clever shoplifting signA new study by the Centre for Retail Research is projecting $8.9 Billion in loss to retailers from mid November through Christmas, adding $98 to each family’s shopping bill.  The item that really caught my eye – employee theft is a bigger percentage of the loss than shoplifting. Here are excerpts from the article provided by Checkpoint Systems.

Checkpoint Systems, Inc. : Shoplifting and Fraud to Cost American Retailers $8.9 Billion Over Christmas Holiday Season

Adds $98 to Each Family’s Shopping Bill 

The report found that American retailers could lose $3.8 billion through shoplifting, $4.7 billion through employee theft, and $400 million through vendor and distribution losses. Losses up 4 Percent From 2011.

In total, the losses could represent a four percent increase over the same period last year. The primary contributors to retail crime are employee theft (53 percent) and shoplifting (42 percent).

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Merry and Safe Holiday Shopping

December 7, 2011

From one woman shopper using pepper spray on at least 10 shoppers to a “waffle riot” in Arkansas, this year’s Black Friday is best be described as madness.  But shoppers aren’t the only ones out during the holidays.  The holiday shopping season turns shopping centers and malls into feeding grounds for criminals.

According to a recent Washington Post article, “Retail crime increases about 30 percent this time of year as people crowd malls and retail centers for holiday shopping, according to some police departments across the region.” (

Lucky for retail outlets and police departments, there are surveillance cameras everywhere and retail outlets are becoming very tech-savvy. No longer are they relying on DVRs which can become a victim of crimes themselves as thieves destroy or steal them.  Today’s retail outlets are turning to solutions like ControlByNet’s i-flahsback REMOTE to securely monitor their stores from anywhere on any Internet connected device.

Retail Info System News recently posted “The 12 Ways of Christmas Surveillance” ( providing insight to retailers on how network based IP surveillance can provide both data and alerts to help fight crime, as well as  improve sales and operations.

ControlByNet customers including a Tires Plus franchisee has experienced the benefits of IP-based video surveillance first-hand. The client had someone break in and steal some tires and computers. Unfortunately for the owner, the robber also picked up the DVR and walked out with the evidence. That was the last straw for this owner, who is now using i-flashback REMOTE for multiple shops. No data onsite for theft, and there have been more than a few who have been caught in criminal activity. What’s best for this owner is he can login and see all locations just as he was there, and each manager can also log into his/her respective location.