Hosted surveillance for non-security applications

July 12, 2011

Cloud-based hosted video has seen changes during market penetration that go outside the normal uses of security.  Having the ability to place IP cameras in remote locations while not having to manage a device or record onsite has significant advantages.  Clearly the largest overall benefit of hosted solutions is the lack of video onsite to be compromised, however we’re seeing other advantages in different industries.

One of our customers has been using remote cameras in the recycling industry for over 3 years.  In the metals recycling business the main yards send drivers to manufacturers to pick up excess scrap left over from the process.  As example a lawn mower or automobile manufacturer will always have excess metal cut from the forming of the product.  The problem was that the employees of the manufacturers really don’t hold responsibility to notify the recycler of a full bin….however if the recycler is late on pickup then manufacturing ceases to wait for the bin to be emptied so more scrap can be dumped.  So the recyclers very often sent drivers to pick up half-full bins which doubled the trips which then doubled the labor and gas costs.  Many times the manufacturers can be hours away from the recyclers to time on the road should be as little as possible.

The solution was to add an Internet connection at the site, or even piggyback off of the customer, and then install Axis IP cameras covering the bins.  Using our i-flashback hosted solution we could combine multiple sites and keep it all under a single web-based login for the managers and drivers.  It quickly became a breeze to check on bins and schedule the drivers as needed, which has saved tens of thousands of dollars.

This recycler has grown to over 30 locations and still adding.  One good example of the benefits of a hosted solution that’s goes outside the normal application but saves the customer time and money.