ControlByNet featured in Security Magazine’s June issue

June 16, 2015

SECURITY Magazine featured ControlByNet in their June issue in an article by Bill Zalud, Detecting and Deterring Metal Theft in 2015. Here is an excerpt from the article, which mentions ControlByNet and CEO Ryan Strange.

Cloud Solutions, Too
In-the-cloud also is addressing metal theft. For example, Stealth Alloys, a full service metal recycling facility located just outside of Atlanta, is an customer from ControlByNet. As with any property that maintains even a brief inventory of valuable metals, the company has to deal with intruders as well as monitor employees. The system keeps everything running smoothly and notifies Stealth when something is offline. In addition, the use of the cloud service allows a duplicate video stream to be recorded offsite for safety should something happen at the business.


The customer doesn’t see a difference; he or she just logs in, and it all looks like a single system regardless of where the recorded video data is actually stored, explains Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet. The solution at Stealth is remotely monitored by security personnel for intruders. In the Stealth example, there is the ability to view the SD memory card video on Axis Communications cameras directly through the Web interface from any browser or mobile device. This and other metal theft deterrent approaches also can handle other manufacturers’ cameras.

According to Strange, dealers and integrators as well as end users purchase the technology and the security cameras mitigate metal theft as well as handle operational needs. With cameras at remote pickup sites, recyclers know when to send a truck to the site. It saves time, money and gas, Strange says.

For Stealth Alloys, the relative ease of reselling the product, and the difficulty in tracking a product, make it easy for thieves to sell the product across town or even next door. That ease of resell also can impact employees directly which means Stealth has to watch out for internal and external theft.
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