CEDIA: Important Attributes of Strong Leaders

October 14, 2014

In the home technology industry, the more seriously you take your position as a leader, the more likely you are to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients and contribute to the strength of your workforce and your business. Especially if you are an owner or manager, your staff looks to you for knowledge, solutions to problems, and professional guidance.

CBN leadership
How to be a good leader isn’t a mystery, and many of the habits and attitudes of strong leaders are universal across all types of industries. Some of the most important things strong leaders do include:Communicate with their staff. As a boss, it’s your job to keep in touch with all of your workers, whether you are working side-by-side with them on a daily basis or not. Use weekly “State of the Union” email updates if needed in order to let your employees know what’s going on with the business.

Hold themselves accountable. As a leader, it’s important you take responsibility for outcomes, including sometimes stepping up when your team is responsible for things not being completed the way you want or when you fall short of a goal. It’s your job to figure out how to make sure it won’t happen again. Read more