Cloud-based Video Security Provides Dealers and Integrators with New Business Opportunities

April 23, 2012

Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet recently provided Security Magazine his insights on why now is the time for dealers and integrators to make the move to cloud-based video security solutions.

New Business Opportunities

Dealers and integrators can include flexible hosted solutions, recurring revenue and instant monitoring centers

  • By Ryan Strange
  • Mar 01, 2012

Security is more than just the protection of people, companies and their assets; it also is an integral part of a company’s reputation and success. In today’s tight economy, companies are looking for systems that save resources and decrease overall security and maintenance costs.

By making the move to the cloud, dealers and integrators can seize new business opportunities, including providing flexible hosting solutions, maximizing recurring revenue and entering the monitoring and guardstation market. The key feature in a true IP-based system is flexibility; anything else is a new model of the same old technology.”

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ControlByNet Creates an Organizational Solution for Denver Children’s Specialists

May 12, 2011

Denver Children’s Specialists moved from separate DVRs to ControlByNet’s solution to monitor its six locations throughoutColorado.  ControlByNet’s solution is based on its i-flashback software.  In the past, remote video access included downloaded front-end applications run from an onsite computer, with onsite storage and multiple logins for different sites.  ControlByNet’s i-flashback provides an easy to use, 100-percent browser-based application.

“We are constantly looking to utilize the latest in technology to improve our efficiencies and capabilities,” said Jonathan Lee, partner in Denver Children’s Specialists.  “ControlByNet provides us with the full benefits of having our security ‘on the cloud’ including remote hosting, multiple location access from a single web login and access on mobile devices.  It’s an enterprise solution versus the usual model of many independent solutions being patched together which we wanted to avoid.”

Key benefits and cost savings for the locations utilizing i-flashback REMOTE include:

  • no onsite recording devices required in many instances
  • key cameras  recorded  offsite, which is critical for security when onsite video could be compromised or ‘disconnected’
  • grouping of remote cameras from different locations together through a browser interface; saving significant time in viewing/monitoring and enhanced ease of use.

With multiple locations, ControlByNet’s ability to centrally link together Denver Children’s Specialists locations with a single login removed the troublesome problem of remembering many different links or IP addresses for video access.  All video surveillance servers, regardless if hosted by ControlByNet or at a Denver Children’s Specialists site, are linked or ‘attached’ to each other allowing for centrally managed user accounts. This provides a true single web sign-on with levels of access for each of the employees.  The manager at each location can see just his site, while the regional manager can see his area sites and the partners  can see all of the sites as dictated by the security department, all from one login and company web address.  Both solutions allow a centralized management system which saves money and provides greater control of the organizational security.