ControlByNet: Protecting your Home and Business During the Holidays

November 20, 2014

Holiday fun is on it’s way and so is holiday crime.  Protect your home and business during the holidays and all year long with the addition of a video surveillance system. ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD provides video surveillance in the cloud, no video is stored on your site, keeping your video evidence safe from onsite thieves.

What if you could receive cameras in the mail, plug them up and your videos were immediately being sent offsite to a secure datacenter? No configuration, no worry. That’s the nature of the i-flashback CLOUD service. We can provide you the cameras fully configured out of the box. While i-flashback can be programmed to work with any camera within a day, partnering our powerful software with Axis Communications cameras allows us to make installation quick and easy.  Toss your DVR before the theives do!

Video Surveillance in the CLOUD
no video stored at your site.

Support Mobile Devices

Supports 99% of Mobile Devices!

ControlByNet Introduces Cloud Plus (Cloud+) Video Surveillance Platform

September 29, 2014

ASIS2014Announced today, Cloud Plus™ (Cloud+™) Surveillance Platform incorporates ControlByNet’s CLOUD video surveillance package with its onsite solution, mobile platform and enterprise guard software allowing multi-site enterprises to leverage a central web-based management console. ControlByNet will showcase the new Cloud Plus Surveillance Platform in Atlanta at ASIS International 2014 from September 29-October 2 in the Georgia World Congress Center booth 2449.

“As a leader in the development of cloud-based video surveillance solutions, we want to provide our customers with the best solution to fit their needs. It is a big deal for our customers to combine our products into Cloud+, enabling them to access all live and archived video from any location directly from the browser of any mobile device without the requirement of installed apps. This avoids playing the app chasing game with all the phone and tablet providers,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet. “In addition, as providers of hosted video, we and our partners need control over that outgoing bandwidth.”

Cloud+ combines ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD, i-flashback LOCAL and ip-LookOUT to create a robust web-based management system.
● i-flashback CLOUD allows resellers to quickly and easily host remote video for customers, allowing them to be an instant video service provider.
● i-flashback LOCAL is an onsite solution that can be used as a managed server solution at the customer site.
● ControlByNet’s guard solution, ip-LookOUT, provides a software option that allows instant alert notification and action from any i-flashback site anywhere in the world.

ControlByNet’s Cloud+ allows users to manage customers, add users and accounts across servers anywhere in the world, attach remote servers for sharing of video storage and handle any management across the organization from a single sign-on. In addition, all live and archived video from any location is accessible directly from the browser of any mobile device without the requirement of any installed apps.

ControlByNet counts many large enterprises and multi-site organizations as some of its customers. While many of them are in the Southeast, the flexibility and ease-of-use have allowed for the service to expand throughout the U.S. including one of the largest recyclers in the country.

Security Info Watch: Video surveillance emerging as the head end for integrated IP security devices

August 18, 2014

by Charles Hickey

The next technology wave in the video surveillance market is fast approaching as video becomes the head end for all IP-enabled appliances and sensors in the customer’s enterprise. The migration path is inevitable, as you already have the video surveillance infrastructure, bandwidth, network connectivity and trained personnel to lead this technology consolidation.

The video surveillance system is the most reliant component in the enterprise network for analyzing and storing the massive amounts of data that will be received as these technologies consolidate into a single head-end monitoring and management topology.To Read more

Security Hive: IP Video Surveillance Getting Smarter

June 12, 2014

Living with intelligent devices is a dream we have had for centuries. Michelangelo, Jules Verne, and many other great thinkers had this vision, but their vision preceded the technology of their time. With Moore’s law and all the technology we have created, isn’t it time for this dream to come true?

The intelligent home is slowly emerging after many false starts – albeit not the clever Jetson’s fridge but we have automatic thermostats to learn our home preferences and control heating and cooling.

In our industry, guard responsibilities have remained more or less the same because technology cannot match the human brain’s abilities.

But advancements in camera and software technology is enhancing guard efficiency as they can be guided by video on smartphones or tablets and cameras that actually send alerts pro-actively. To read more

Allied Market Research: IP Video Surveillance and VSaaS Market – Industry Analysis, Trends, Share, Opportunities and Forecast, 2012 – 2020

April 29, 2014

IP Surveillance Market Projected to be $57.3 Billion Worldwide by 2020, this provides lots of opportunity for growth.  If you are an integrator who is still focused on analog, it’s time to connect with ControlByNet and move into the IP video surveillance market.

Allied Market Research has compiled a comprehensive report with forecasts through 2020 of the IP Video surveillance and video surveillance as a service markets. To see the complete report