ControlByNet Launches Newest Version of CLOUD Video Surveillance Solution

October 19, 2016

i-flashback CLOUD Increases Reseller Recurring Revenue by 30%

ControlByNet, a leader in cloud-based hosted video security surveillance solutions, announced today the upcoming release of its latest i-flashback CLOUD platform which includes four major upgrades to better meet the needs of the customer. The ControlByNet i-flashback solution provides software that allows resellers to quickly and easily offer a hosted video surveillance solution to customers, creating an additional opportunity to increase monthly recurring revenue by 30%.

“This is a major release for us and we feel it’s important to continue to provide resellers a true cloud option,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet. “There’s so much confusion over true cloud providers versus those using the word cloud for marketing purposes. Cloud video surveillance should record the video events directly to the cloud instead of storing it temporarily onsite where it can be compromised or damaged. Our goal is to educate the customer so they understand the difference.”

ControlByNet’s latest i-flashback web-based platform introduces a completely redesigned web interface to better meet the needs of customers as well as simplify access for mobile devices. Additional features include:

  • motion trigger highlighting and inverse image coloring to more accurately find an event in complicated scenes
  • direct access to SD card video archives through a cloud-based timeline, which eliminates the need to access the video from each individual camera
  • management features which enable resellers to more quickly analyze a customer’s camera status and the impact on the system

“We have tested our software in live environments operating as our own small integrator with over 2500 managed and cloud-hosted cameras and believe we are in prime position to partner with resellers striving to produce more recurring monthly revenue,” states Strange. ControlByNet has also provided a new website, www.cbncloudsurveillance, that details more of the reseller side of the platform in addition to its current site.


Convert Your Clients to a CLOUD Based Video Surveillance Solution

July 31, 2015

Dealers and Integrators: Bring your client’s video surveillance up to date and earn recurring revenue ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD surveillance can be used for numerous business applications from apt community management to retail stores such as pawn shops to recyclers. When servicing a client, ask about their existing security and see if a DVR is part of their surveillance plan. By converting to a CLOUD based video surveillance, you are servicing your customers by preventing the DVR and evidence from being stolen as well as creating a recurring revenue stream for you & your business.

Overcoming Obstacles to Implementing Hosted Video Surveillance

June 11, 2015

Change is hard, however hosted video surveillance or CLOUD video can provide recurring revenue to dealers and integrators on a monthly basis. The following infographic shows how to overcome obstacles to implementing hosted video surveillance, enabling an increase in monthly recurring revenue. ControlByNet has flexible programs and works with integrators and dealers of any size, customizing the ControlByNet i-flashback CLOUD solution to fit each customer’s needs. For more information, visit

Click on the infographic to enlarge:

CBN Obstacles Infographic-site-612x1024

Integrator Partnership Opportunities with ControlByNet

May 26, 2015

What if you could instantly offer an option for cloud, or hosted, video to all your current customers and new prospects?

ControlByNet offers a solution for those wishing to start a video surveillance hosting business. Manage your own servers, bandwidth and software….or we’ll do it for you and you just collect the revenue. Brand the products as your own so you’ll receive the goodwill and benefits. Most importantly you’ll develop a recurring revenue stream by offering a unique and appreciated service to those important customers.

Why our Hosted Solution?

ControlByNet has the most advanced solution for security surveillance solutions.

  • Central User Authentication across multiple servers
  • No Contracts!
  • ‘Quick-View’ technology provides status of all accounts, cameras, disk storage and bandwidth per account or camera
  • Central licensing per server allows camera limits as well as GB limits per account
  • Integrates authentication with onsite servers…..still single hosted login regardless of server location
  • Not tied into a single camera manufacturer; as other manufactures provide viable solutions, we’ll support them
  • Runs on Windows Architecture…….all in one package; no database or web server software required

Residential Systems: How I Try to Minimize the Cost of a Lost Bid

November 6, 2014

I recently read this article by John Sciacca on Residential Systems blog and thought our integrators would benefit from the excellent tips in this article. 

Someone called me the other day to discuss accounting—essentially how we figure our company’s profit-and-loss for jobs and how we used that to forecast future work. They ran a landscaping company and were preparing for a large bid, and it became clear early on that our forecasting styles were pretty different and carried different loads of “risk.”

As a custom integration business owner, we work up bids around the gear that we think will be needed—a generally known and non-dynamic cost on most projects—and then estimate the amount of labor and wire based on years of doing previous (likely similar) jobs. If we miss a job estimate by a few hours or feet of wire, it’s not the end of the world, and we can take that knowledge and use it to hopefully produce a more accurate quote on the next job.

For the landscaper submitting a bid for a year’s worth of work to a property owner’s association (mowing acres of lawns, applying fertilizer and chemical treatments, maintaining a large amount of shrubbery and flowers, etc.) bidding high could cause them to miss out on a year’s worth of work, and bidding low could literally put them out of business.

One thing that both of us had in common was sending people out to the job to take a look before being able to make an accurate bid. And often times, this required multiple trips to the jobsite to investigate things or to meet with different people to get the complete scope of the job and then possibly another trip to present and go over the proposal. All of this started me thinking about the actual cost that “losing,” or not getting, a bid costs a company.

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