Cutting-Edge “Maple Seed” Drones are About to Reshape High-Tech Surveillance

July 31, 2012

A new generation of small drones and robots are about to reshape the world of high-tech surveillance.

They include drones that look like the seeds of a maple tree and others that can fly in formation like a flock of birds. Soon swarms of drones will hit the skies and take to the oceans…

They could provide remote surveillance for complex systems like oil rigs and power plants. Or they could help farmers track crop yields and insects in their fields. But no matter how you slice it this is cutting-edge stuff…

Take the case of the newest entry from Lockheed Martin Corp. (NYSE: LMT). Its latest spy drone is called the Samarai. The firm compares it to maple tree seeds that millions of kids over the years have turned into toy helicopters.

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ControlByNet Announces New $10 / Month White Label Hosted Video Surveillance Package for Integrators

March 28, 2012

A recent report by IMS Research states that the cloud-based video surveillance market could exceed $1 billion in 2012. However, the report states that despite its developments pricing is a major hindrance.

ControlByNet announced today its new white label package for integrators providing them ControlByNet’s hosted video solution starting at $10 per camera per month. The new pricing offers integrators the ability to immediately offer a cloud-based or hosted video surveillance option to small businesses and opportunity to greatly increase recurring revenue.

“Our new white label offering allows integrators to ease into cloud-based security and focus on the core of their business and not on infrastructure. With our hosted solution, i-flashback REMOTE, we worry about the uptime, servers, bandwidth and upgrades,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet. “In addition, the price per camera per month for basic recording is usually in the $25 – $35 range, so our new pricing provides a great opportunity for resellers and integrators to gain significant recurring revenue.” Read the rest of this entry »

Merry and Safe Holiday Shopping

December 7, 2011

From one woman shopper using pepper spray on at least 10 shoppers to a “waffle riot” in Arkansas, this year’s Black Friday is best be described as madness.  But shoppers aren’t the only ones out during the holidays.  The holiday shopping season turns shopping centers and malls into feeding grounds for criminals.

According to a recent Washington Post article, “Retail crime increases about 30 percent this time of year as people crowd malls and retail centers for holiday shopping, according to some police departments across the region.” (

Lucky for retail outlets and police departments, there are surveillance cameras everywhere and retail outlets are becoming very tech-savvy. No longer are they relying on DVRs which can become a victim of crimes themselves as thieves destroy or steal them.  Today’s retail outlets are turning to solutions like ControlByNet’s i-flahsback REMOTE to securely monitor their stores from anywhere on any Internet connected device.

Retail Info System News recently posted “The 12 Ways of Christmas Surveillance” ( providing insight to retailers on how network based IP surveillance can provide both data and alerts to help fight crime, as well as  improve sales and operations.

ControlByNet customers including a Tires Plus franchisee has experienced the benefits of IP-based video surveillance first-hand. The client had someone break in and steal some tires and computers. Unfortunately for the owner, the robber also picked up the DVR and walked out with the evidence. That was the last straw for this owner, who is now using i-flashback REMOTE for multiple shops. No data onsite for theft, and there have been more than a few who have been caught in criminal activity. What’s best for this owner is he can login and see all locations just as he was there, and each manager can also log into his/her respective location.


Grabbing a Portion of the Untapped IP Video Surveillance Market

October 5, 2011

According to a recent article, the video surveillance market is a $10 billion industry yet only 25 percent of the market uses IP-based technology.  The article goes on to say,  “The physical security market might just be the last industry to leave the analog age, but as more security directors and law enforcement personnel understand the true power of IP —much better image quality, functionality, scalability, and overall total cost of ownership—more companies are making the transition from analog to IP-based surveillance solutions. Industry experts predict that by 2014 up to 50 percent of the market will be IP-based. Now is therefore the time to add network video surveillance to your solutions repertoire and grab a share of this exploding market.”

ControlByNet  is seeing this firsthand with a vast majority of its inquiries coming from information technology companies not currently providing a security solution.

  • Approximately  70% of inquiries regarding CBN’s solutions are coming from information technology companies versus security companies.
  • Of those, 50% have never dealt with security at all but see it is a valuable added service to existing customers.
  • Many of these new entrants into security believe they will be offering a service that, if they had not offered, the customer would likely not be looking elsewhere for video surveillance.

ControlByNet works closely with all of its clients to make the move to IP as easy and effective as possible.   CBN provides the following to help all of its clients with the move to cloud-based IP.

– Provide live demos as needed to help them understand the interaction of security with technology

– Provide a partner portal that helps them market and sell the solutions

– Provide a detailed knowledge-base to guide them through installations and configurations

– Have and IT support expert on call to assist with the nuances in merging IP-networks with security


You can read the full article here:;jsessionid=SGLUyrDtxlN2VbxUlp749Q**.ecappj03

Leveraging the Cloud For Video Surveillance Solutions

August 4, 2011

In today’s Internet-enabled world, businesses need to utilize the public network infrastructure for their video surveillance needs.  Many organizations assume cloud-based technology consists of data stored on someone else’s servers sitting in a data center.  However the cloud is not a box sitting in a rack, it is a network communications backbone that enables technology to work in new ways.

In the past, video surveillance focused on digital video recorders sitting onsite in a closet or underneath a monitor.  While digital cameras are certainly in the mix now, analog cameras are still popular with an older generation of cctv installers.  The learning gap tends to scare many installers from making the jump to more advanced solutions.

However, there are many new experts in the video surveillance field that utilize technology to provide much more complete and effective solutions.  A recent study by Lusax, a research group at Lund University in Sweden, found that the installation of a mid-sized IP video surveillance system costs less than installing a corresponding analog system.  These solutions don’t stop at a box in the closet but expand to multiple options for the business.

The importance of thoughtful planning of a video surveillance system cannot be overlooked.  Decisions today will still be impacting the solution for years to come.  Consider not only the initial needs of the solution but also where the system will be in 5 years.

ControlByNet’s white paper:  Leveraging the Cloud for Video Surveillance Solutions: From the Small Business to the Enterprise Organization outlines multiple IP security scenarios and how they may benefit an organization.  The full white paper can be downloaded at