ControlByNet Helps Homeowner Associations Protect Their Property and Minimize Day-to-Day Security Worries

April 14, 2015

With warm weather quickly approaching, Homeowner Associations and apartments continue to rely on ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD security solution to help them protect their property, as well as minimize day-to-day security worries. ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD allows HOA board members the ability to monitor the community with a unified, cloud-based, hosted video surveillance solution. It also provides a centralized access solution for property managers and management companies to put multiple communities under one ‘umbrella’.

“Homeowners associations want a solution that simplifies their security. With no video storage onsite, e-mail alerts when problems arise and nothing for vandals to steal, our solution provides residents a greater sense of security and deters malicious vandalism,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet. “For our integrators, the HOA market provides a great opportunity to add new clients who are looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution.”

Top Five Reasons HOAs Are Moving to the Cloud

ControlByNet has the most flexible hosted solution on the market with the ability to host for the customer, let the integrator do the hosting, linking to an onsite server or any combination. This flexibility allows integrators to quickly offer a hosting business using the i-flashback CLOUD solution.

Safe and Secure

  • With i-flashback CLOUD, recorded video is safely stored immediately off site. There is no ‘store and forward when convenient’; with i-flashback CLOUD, it is immediately safe and secure.

Single Log-in

  • i-flashback CLOUD enables HOA management companies to view one or multiple properties or areas over any web browser through a single log-in.

No Video On-Site

  • Using the i-flashback cloud-based video surveillance solution, ControlByNet provides HOAs with a solution that leaves only cameras and a network switch at the locations. Additionally, using IP or digital cameras provides higher quality images than analog cameras.


  • The software allows multiple locations to appear as one for all the viewers; allowing quick access to review video archives or see live video at any time.

Instant Access

  • Customers can access video anywhere with an Internet connection and on almost any device including iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile. Not only is it beneficial to the customer but allows integrators to demo the product from anywhere on any device.