Will the DVR Shortage Push Integrators to the Cloud?

January 26, 2012

IP-based surveillance is expected to continue to grow in 2012, but could the DVR shortage help push hesitant integrators on the“cloud.” The catastrophic flooding in Thailand in August has resulted in a DVR shortage which is impacting surveillance integrators. It is estimated that the best prices for DVRs may increase more than 10 percent.

With IP-based surveillance, integrators and their clients no long have to worry that a DVR is broken or missing.  At the same time, integrators can benefit from new business opportunities including offering flexible hosting solutions, enjoying recurring revenue and adding monitoring and guard station solutions. However, integrator education is still a missing piece of the puzzle.  

With ControlByNet’s  i-flashback solution we help integrators make the move from analog to IP easy.   Our i-flashback solution allows integrators to step into the IP surveillance and hosting business slowly by having ControlByNet’s do the initial hosting. This minimizes initial investment while allowing integrators to offer their customers a hosted IP solution. As integrators grow their businesses and learn the system they are able to move the hosted cameras to their facility seamlessly with no customer interruption.

The time is now for dealers and integrators to find the right IP solution to help them take their customer to the cloud and the DVR shortage just might help some integrators make the move.