SSN: Good news for dealers: Consumers still disappointed with DIY cameras

October 1, 2015

Security System News posted an article yesterday by Amy Canfield sharing a promising report for custom installers and dealers, highlighting consumer’s need for professionals who understand the systems that are being installed in homes.

Consumers’ disappointment with DIY home security cameras could become a “renaissance” for traditional dealers, according to John Feland, CEO of Argus Insights. Customers need some help, he said, and dealers are positioned to do just that.

While consumers are slowly becoming more satisfied with smart home devices, they still are disappointed in their DIY security cameras, according to a September report from Argus Insights, Feland told Security Systems News.

Following its most recent report in June, “Connected Home or Ho-Hum,” Argus looked at 45,000 consumer reviews from March through August. Home automation customers are becoming, slowly but surely, increasingly satisfied with smart light bulbs and security kits, according to its latest report, “What Makes a Smart Home a Happy Home?” But the reliability and connectivity concerns of DIY cameras, Feland said, are still a turn-off.

“They’ve got their system installed, finally, and then the mobile notifications they were promised, such as motion detection, are not working as planned. They’re spending so much bandwidth to send that data up to the cloud, and now they can’t watch Netflix,” he said.

Installation is easy, he said. It’s “people’s gateway drug—their five minutes of success,” but when problems arise they have to become “a wireless engineer, an optical person, you have to set up a new router … all these things have to work.”

That consumer frustration provides an opportunity for professionals, he said.

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