ESX Wrap Up

June 15, 2011

ControlByNet exhibited at the ESX show last week in Charlotte. Overall more than 2,200 security integration and monitoring company attendees visited the show – a 16 percent increase over 2010.

The show went well, although even with the increase in attendees the foot traffic seemed a little light overall.  However, there were still some high quality leads and it is always good to see some competitor products, as well as the new technology making its way in the industry.

A few things that stuck out from the event:

Hosted video providers are heavily targeting the 1-4 camera installations.  Clearly it’s easier to penetrate small businesses with a hosted solution as the up-front cost is usually significantly lower.  The software requirements (features, flexibility) do not have to be very advanced to satisfy the local flower shop or deli owner.  ControlByNet was the only company showing a hosted solution for larger organizations…whether that’s a good or bad thing is yet to be seen!

Mobotix was making a big push with its cameras.  Since Mobotix generally sells higher-end cameras, it was surprising to see such a presence in an area where cost matters a great deal.

There were a lot of small integrator companies.  I expected some larger companies to visit and check out the latest technology, but most of the visitors were neighborhood cctv/alarm companies.  Those groups make great resellers and are valuable customers, but I thought more national integrators would attend.

All in all we viewed it as a good show.  The city of Charlotte is always a great place to go and the ESX folks did an excellent job.

You can check out the official ESX wrap-up report here:


ControlByNet Showcases Cloud-Based Hosted Video Surveillance Solution at ESX in Booth 536

June 6, 2011

ControlbyNet  is showcasing its solutions for security integrators, resellers and consultants at the annual Electronic Security Expo. Displayed in booth 536, ControlbyNet’s hosted video surveillance product offerings create a unified IP video security surveillance solution. From offsite hosted video, onsite video with hosted central authentication to guard station solutions, ControlByNet works with its clients daily to ensure its solution is meeting their current needs while also preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

“Hosted video is one of the hottest trends in the video surveillance security market and when combined with recent advances in IP technology solutions, there is a great opportunity for cloud-based video surveillance security to experience rapid growth.  However, there is still a learning gap when it comes to cloud-based video surveillance and we want to help educate integrators and resellers on how solutions like our cloud-based offerings provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for end users and provide them with an easy to install solution that provides them with recurring revenue,” saidRyan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet.  “Our goal is to provide our customers, both large and small, one integrated solution that allows them to access their security on their terms and device of choice.”

CBN’s “no DVR-needed” product offerings include i-flashback LOCAL, i-flashback REMOTE and ip-LookOUT. i-flashback is an easy to use, 100-percent browser-based application installed as either an onsite solution, remotely hosted solution or any number of combinations. Both software solutions allow users to manage any number of remote cameras from a single browser; including Internet Explorer, Firefox, as well as the growing number of connected devices including Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android. i-flashback REMOTE, the hosted solution, provides web-based controls for hosting providers to manage multiple servers, users and accounts.

Integrators and resellers in key industries including recycling, property management, homeowner’s associations, warehouse and retail rely on ControlByNet for the following reasons:

  • Lower startup cost – With the initial costs of server and software eliminated and the option for ControlByNet to host, integrators experience a lower overall startup cost


  • Intelligent bandwidth = lower cost – ControlByNet delivers its video in an efficient manners to ensure bandwidth is not compromised to other areas of the security solution.


  • Multi-site central authentication = single sign on – Any camera, server or number of servers, regardless if hosted by ControlByNet or managed at the customer site, can attach to another server in the organization from anywhere in the world and share user accounts. This means true single sign-on. No more accessing multiple IP addresses for different site


  • Seamless integration to onsite solution – ControlByNet provides an easy transition to those clients that may have decided to host the video onsite.    Those customers still can attach servers to others in the organization

Why Other Providers’ Gold Partners Prefer ControlByNet  

 “We are hearing from other software providers’ Gold Partners that their current hosted solutions are geared toward the smallest clients, or the nanny-cam customers and in many cases,  they need to offer more than a simple two camera system.  ControlByNet is dedicated to business-level security which creates many more options and opportunities for integrators,” adds Strange. “In addition, we offer features that are desirable by many of the integrators.”  

Features for ControlByNet Solutions include:

  • 100 percent web-based management – ControlByNet’s unique central authentication technology allows an organization to have surveillance servers at many facilities or remotely hosted in a secure environment yet still maintain a single corporate login for all access. Users are presented with the sites they can access providing true management at the organization level – all via any web device.


  • Window-based architecture – i-flashback servers run in a Windows environment, which allow integrators to be more comfortable with installations and maintenance.  The software does not require heavy server-side components and is often utilized on Windows 7 Pro, XP Pro or Windows Server.


  • Instant Access – ControlByNet provides its customers the ability to access video anywhere with an Internet connection and on almost any device including iPad, Xoom, iPhone and DROID.


  • Option to chose – When integrators select software provided by a camera manufacturer, they are often locked into that provider. This may not be ideal in a market where new companies are offering new innovative products.  ControlByNet can provide its customers with the latest technology advancements without being locked into one brand.