About ControlByNet

ControlByNet: Cloud Surveillance Solutions and Access Control
ControlByNet provides the most advanced adaptable hosted and managed IP-based surveillance solution on the market.  ControlByNet’s advanced software is the cornerstone for the new security surveillance business model.

By leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS), CBN’s solution integrates seamlessly across its products creating limitless installation scenarios.  The hierarchal nature of the software allows a single log-in with multiple levels of access from any (Internet) location which leverages existing enterprise resources.  With years of development, their software solution is flexible, future-proof and designed to lead the industry.

Product offerings include i-flashback LOCAL and REMOTE and ip-LookOUT, its guard monitoring application.  While the i-flashback interface is as simple to use as a nanny cam, both versions of the software are sophisticated enough to manage hundreds of remote cameras from a single browser; including Internet Explorer, Firefox or even an iPhone or iPad. They currently use AXIS for remotely hosted cameras but will expand to others as manufacturers provide IP cameras that are deemed highly efficient on the network.

For more information,

Visit: ControlByNet.com



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