NT Security Now Offers ControlByNet’s i-flashback Cloud Video Solution

February 2, 2017

ControlByNet (CBN), a leader in cloud-based hosted video security surveillance solutions, announced today the addition of NT Security as a new integrator for CBN’s i-flashback Cloud video surveillance. ControlByNet’s i-flashback Cloud provides web-based controls for video hosting providers and enterprise customers to host video across multiple servers, users and accounts. Based outside of Atlanta GA, NT Security provides security solutions for small and medium businesses.

“NT Security has joined the increasing number of integrators taking advantage of the fast growing IP-video surveillance market,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet. “NT Security recognized the potential savings for its customers by offering our cloud video solution. In addition, by choosing ControlByNet’s software solution versus a specific camera manufacturers solution they are providing their customers with added flexibility and not locking them into a specific brand forever.”

ControlByNet has the most flexible hosted solution on the market with the ability to host for the customer, let the integrator do the hosting, linking to an onsite server or any combination. This flexibility allows integrators like NT Security to quickly offer a hosting business using the i-flashback Cloud solution.

“The ability for us to step in slowly with ControlByNet providing the initial hosting is a big deal. It minimizes our initial investment and lets us get our feet wet,” says Nick Tinsley, President of NT Security. “ControlByNet provided us a demo account and gave us access to live cameras for testing. With ControlByNet, we are poised to do well in this expanding market. There really are still only a few real cloud surveillance solutions even though many advertise cloud access.”

Other benefits for NT Security include:

  • Recurring Revenue – NT Security now recognizes a recurring revenue stream instead of the old ‘sell-and-forget’ model.
  • Added Customer Opportunities – A hosted solution keeps NT Security closer to the customer which puts them first in line for openings for additional services.
  • Instant Access – NT Security’s customers can access live video anywhere with an Internet connection and on any device including iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows.

Interested integrators may view the CBN demo located on its partner page, http://www.cbncloudsurveillance.com.

ComputerWorld: Users turning to the channel for help with video surveillance investments

January 24, 2017

Video surveillance technology is becoming more of a necessity for small business owners as they look to protect their premises and replace analog cameras with digital alternatives.

The shift away from aging cameras to better technology that will provide images that can be used in court has been going on for a few years along with the movement by the channel to get involved with the market.

As the cameras have become networked and physical security tied in with cyber protection moves the video surveillance market has become a serious proposition for the channel.

The channel is in a strong position because according to research from Axis Communications a local reseller is likely to be the first port of call for a customer.

The firm found that 75% of small business owners would turn to IT and security resellers as their preferred route to get hold of network cameras.

The timing is also in the channel’s favor because Axis is expecting activity in the market to increase significantly as customers try to improve their security.

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ControlByNet Has the Video Surveillance Solution to Combat Holiday Theft – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…for Thieves

December 14, 2016

ControlByNet, a leader in cloud-based hosted video security surveillance, has a solution for businesses combating holiday theft. According to FBI findings, December is the peak month for burglaries and CNN reports that in many places, the week following Christmas has the heaviest burglary caseload.

ControlByNet’s cloud video surveillance software allows business owners to view one or multiple properties over any web browser including iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Mobile devices with a single login. Recorded digital video is immediately and safely stored offsite, safe from theft or vandalism and can be viewed 24/7.

“Businesses need a digital video surveillance system that they can depend on during the busy holiday season when incidents increase. The video needs to be clear to help identify thieves or vandals and it needs to be easily accessible,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet. “Our video surveillance software provides clear digital video that can be used to identify criminals and subsequently prosecute them in court.”

Holiday Theft Prevention Tips
1. Position cameras to cover the most vulnerable and high traffic areas

2. Make sure that holiday decorations aren’t blocking the camera or causing a blind spot

3. Encourage residents to request signature upon delivery when arranging shipments

4. Leave the lights on – even if it’s just from the twinkle of a Christmas tree, lights are a deterrent

5. Ask residents about out-of-town plans – be vigilant in case of suspicious activity

6. Notify local police department for increased patrols

7. Switch dated analog surveillance to ControlByNet’s digital cloud surveillance solution

DEALERS Survey: Video surveillance tech to have the biggest impact on security businesses in 2017

November 30, 2016


According to a recent survey conducted by Capital One, more than half (52 percent) of security industry professionals see video surveillance as the technology trend that will have the biggest impact on their businesses in the coming years. That’s a significant increase from 2015 when only 23 percent of respondents answered similarly.

The growth of interconnected devices (the Internet of Things) was cited as the next most significant trend at 28 percent. The survey was conducted at the Honeywell Connect conference held in Florida earlier this month and included 123 responses from a combination of dealers, integrators and other industry professionals.

“This year has been particularly transformative for the security industry,” said John Robuck, Capital One’s Managing Director of Security Finance. “The key drivers were significant advances in technology and business model changes resulting from those advances. Video surveillance technology, along with interconnected devices, are revolutionizing the industry and delivering more sophisticated data and analytics to security companies, allowing them to update their security processes and refine their business strategies.”

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ControlByNet Launches Newest Version of CLOUD Video Surveillance Solution

October 19, 2016

i-flashback CLOUD Increases Reseller Recurring Revenue by 30%

ControlByNet, a leader in cloud-based hosted video security surveillance solutions, announced today the upcoming release of its latest i-flashback CLOUD platform which includes four major upgrades to better meet the needs of the customer. The ControlByNet i-flashback solution provides software that allows resellers to quickly and easily offer a hosted video surveillance solution to customers, creating an additional opportunity to increase monthly recurring revenue by 30%.

“This is a major release for us and we feel it’s important to continue to provide resellers a true cloud option,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet. “There’s so much confusion over true cloud providers versus those using the word cloud for marketing purposes. Cloud video surveillance should record the video events directly to the cloud instead of storing it temporarily onsite where it can be compromised or damaged. Our goal is to educate the customer so they understand the difference.”

ControlByNet’s latest i-flashback web-based platform introduces a completely redesigned web interface to better meet the needs of customers as well as simplify access for mobile devices. Additional features include:

  • motion trigger highlighting and inverse image coloring to more accurately find an event in complicated scenes
  • direct access to SD card video archives through a cloud-based timeline, which eliminates the need to access the video from each individual camera
  • management features which enable resellers to more quickly analyze a customer’s camera status and the impact on the system

“We have tested our software in live environments operating as our own small integrator with over 2500 managed and cloud-hosted cameras and believe we are in prime position to partner with resellers striving to produce more recurring monthly revenue,” states Strange. ControlByNet has also provided a new website, www.cbncloudsurveillance, that details more of the reseller side of the platform in addition to its current www.controlbynet.com site.