SSN:Smart Home Adoption to Benefit Security

July 22, 2016

Security System News ran a recent article sharing information from market research firm Parks Associates. Parks is predicting that an increase in smart home controllers will help drive the increased adoption of home security systems—moving the penetration rate of home security systems past the 20 percent mark up to 26 percent by 2020.

Parks Associates estimates that by 2020 more than 50 percent of U.S. broadband households will have a smart home controller, up from 13 percent in 2015, and 24 percent will have an IP camera, up from just under 10 percent in 2015.

In addition to the dramatic increase in smart home controllers, unit sales of IP cameras will reach nearly 6 million in 2016, including 3.2 million first-time sales. By 2017, the number of replacement or additional IP camera sales will exceed the number of first-time sales, according to Parks.

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ControlByNet Joins Forces with Colosseum Online Inc to Offer Cloud Video Surveillance to Small Businesses

June 28, 2016

ControlByNet, a leader in cloud-based hosted video security surveillance solutions, announced today that they have joined forces with Colosseum Online Inc., a Toronto-based internet and data center service provider, to offer Colosseum’s customers a cloud-based video surveillance solution.

“By leveraging ControlByNet’s i-flashback software, we can instantly add cloud video surveillance to our current offerings for our small business customers,”’ said Jean Crescenzi, chief technology officer at Colosseum Online Inc. “We are also utilizing ControlByNet’s guard station software, ip-LookOUT, to provide a video verification service to our small business clients as an added feature.”

“ControlByNet’s video surveillance software provides another recurring revenue stream option for Colosseum Online Inc. Moving into cloud video is very simple with our software and any size organization can do it,” said Ryan Strange, president of ControlByNet LLC. “Even if cloud video isn’t your key business, hosting a few clients can provide additional recurring revenue and offering it to current customers adds a nice addition to your bottom line.”

About Colosseum Online Inc. (

Colosseum Online Inc. is a Toronto Canada full service Internet provider. It offers customers primary services such as online backups, colocation, web hosting, dedicated high speed Internet access and additional cloud services. Colosseum Online Inc. has been in business since 1994 and has grown exponentially over the years serving both retail and corporate clients around the globe. For more information, visit

Summer Sun Increases Heat and Crime Wave

May 25, 2016

School’s out, pools are open and temperatures are rising. But temperatures aren’t the only thing increasing, according to the Department of Justice, crime is 10.5% more common in the summer than the winter. The Urban Institute also adds that the most targeted places “are those located in public spaces, or [areas] that are open to public view. Properties where no one has direct responsibility for the area, or those that seem less well guarded.” With people looking to enjoy the sun or beat summer boredom, clubhouses, pools, tennis courts, playgrounds and parking lots are all in need of better surveillance.

Here are the Top 5 Amenity Area Problems

  1. Common Area Vandalism
  2. After Hours Swimming
  3. Neighbors Filling Up Trash Bins
  4. Chairs Thrown Into Pool
  5. Nightly Visitors in the Parking Lot

Those are just the more common problems. ControlByNet’s cameras have captured some interesing vandals, thieves and loiters in the act.

ControlByNet Cloud Surveillance Footage of Community Pool

Actual ControlByNet footage

Here are the Top 5 Amenity Problems Caught on CBN Cameras

  1. Spray Painted Bathrooms
    (Luckily video was IN THE CLOUD because the vandals looked for video to destroy but couldn’t find it!)
  2. Concrete Bags in Pool
  3. Destroyed Vending Machines
  4. Midnight Pool Party
  5. Drivers Running Gates

ControlByNet’s Video Surveillance Solution Catches All the Action at the Atlanta Apartment Association’s 2016 Annual Trade Show

May 18, 2016

ControlByNet Offers Free Video Surveillance Security Audit

ControlByNet’s i-flashback CLOUD video surveillance security solution allows apartment managers and owners the ability to monitor one or multiple communities on the most flexible CLOUD based video surveillance system on the market. This centralized access solution for property managers and management companies provides the ability to access multiple communities with one login. ControlByNet is showcasing the i-flashback Cloud solution in booth 366 at the Atlanta Apartment Association’s (AAA) annual trade show and is offering a free video surveillance security audit ($150 value) to all Atlanta Apartment Association member communities that visit the ControlByNet booth on Wednesday, May 18th.

“Many apartment communities have high end community areas including dramatic pool areas, fitness centers, tennis courts and gathering rooms, however they are still relying on antiquated DVR video surveillance technology to secure these sites,” said Ryan Strange, CEO of ControlByNet. “We want to help educate users on how solutions like our cloud-based offerings provide a reliable and cost-effective security solution. As part of this education process, ControlByNet is offering a free on site community video surveillance security audit to any community that visits our booth at the Atlanta Apartment Association trade show.”

ControlByNet’s multi-site, single-login i-flashback CLOUD video surveillance system provides clear live or archived digital video that is accessible at any time, from any mobile device or browser including iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Additionally with no more DVR’s and the video evidence safely stored immediately off site, vandals can no longer steal the evidence.

ControlByNet catches all of the action:

  • Organization wide solution – single web sign in for multiple properties
  • View live or archived video on any device or browser including iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Video securely stored offsite
  • Internet notification of offline cameras, lost connections, power or internet issues
  • Ability to slowly convert analog cameras to high definition digital cameras
  • Plug and play
  • No contracts

The AAA annual trade show is the Southeast’s largest show dedicated to the apartment industry and is also one of the largest in the country. The AAA trade show is on May 18 from 1 – 6:30pm at the Cobb County Galleria Centre, Hall C and ControlByNet will be exhibiting in booth #366.

Security Magazine: 5 Ways to Leverage the Benefits of IP Video at Retail

April 28, 2016

This is a good article by Steve Morefield, outlining the benefits of IP Video for retail outlets.

Inventory loss through shoplifting or internal theft, unsuccessful in-store promotions, even long lines at the register – all of these are pain points for retailers and can seriously impact the bottom line.

As a key part of a loss prevention program, retailers have installed cameras to be the eyes in the store, acting as a deterrent through the very visible presence of the cameras mounted above registers, near doorways or in restricted areas. Of course, these cameras also present live and recorded images of potential situations that can be used to catch people in the act of committing a crime and serve as a forensic tool after the fact.

Because of the underlying concern about in-store shrinkage, retailers have made surveillance a priority through the adoption of basic video systems. Yet merchants are just now beginning to explore opportunities for video beyond security – something that can be achieved with the installation of IP camera technology.

According to a 2014 Centre for Retail Research survey on the use of CCTV video in U.K. retail settings, more than 60 percent of store operators who responded indicated they were planning to adopt network IP within the next three years, while one-third had already adopted it.

While addressing customer theft remained a major security challenge for retailers, respondents also cited preventing internal theft and better safety as reasons to improve their video systems. Additionally, those surveyed listed quality of image as an important reason for switching to network video.

But nearly half of the respondents also cited non-security applications, such as people counting and queue management for making the move to IP, noting these video-related tools could be used to improve sales and marketing.

It is apparent that IP video within retail stores can serve many purposes: So what are some of the ways in which retailers can best leverage network video?

Tracking and Apprehending In-Store Criminals

By deploying both in-camera intelligence and through the strategic positioning of highly functional IP cameras, in-store security can more easily identify and track a suspicious individual, such as suspected shoplifter, as the person moves throughout the store.

IP cameras have shown their ability to produce superior high-resolution images that increase the likelihood of producing a positive ID for a suspect. Improvements in technology related to latency have also stepped up camera response time, so personnel in the midst of an active surveillance situation can more easily follow someone’s movement and not lose sight of them as they travel among the views of different cameras in real time.

Not all in-store theft is generated by outside sources. Retailers are also using IP video to monitor employee actions, such as product going out the back door or never making it off the loading dock. Cameras positioned above registers provide a clear view of transactions, and the ability to zoom in and record images can offer evidence of a problem.

Internal theft is a major issue and one that IP video can help to address by linking cameras with point-of-sale (POS) data as well. By doing so, stores can view in real time or with recorded video suspicious behaviors such as no-sale rings on a register, or excessive returns in which cash is given to the customer.

Delivering Better Forensic Evidence

Not only are store’s seeking better quality images of suspects, but they also want to get that information as quickly as possible to share with police or to disperse systemwide so other stores within the chain can be aware of suspicious individuals. By deploying analytics within the camera or video management platform, store personnel can more easily pinpoint the important footage while bypassing hours of inconsequential video. Time and date stamps on the information can help make a better case against a suspect.

How is this achieved? It could be by sorting through the video using particular characteristics of the suspect – men wearing red shirts, or women pushing a stroller. Or the suspicious behavior could be identified by the entrance of a person into a restricted area as designed within the analytics, such as someone accessing the storage room or lingering outside an office door. Even simple motion search tools can be used to detect if someone is going the wrong way through an exit – this action can trigger the camera to record video and/or send an alert to security.




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